The Hustle Is Different To Everyone

Whenever I post on Snapchat or tell someone that I’m getting my hustle on, they don’t fully grasp what I mean. This is because my hustle is different from yours and everyone else’s.

Me knocking out articles, planning posts to social media platforms for clients and myself, working on courses, and even going over goals are some of the ways I hustle. However, to someone like Gary Vaynerchuk, walking around on the phone, doing speaking engagements, or shooting episodes for #AskGaryVee Show is a few examples of his hustle.

Your hustle should be completely different. I use to try and mimic the hustles of my role models. This often led to me doing unnecessary activities that got me nowhere.

My coworkers at Sonic laugh and say that my hustle is not hustling. They may believe working 30+ hours a week, getting a second or third job, gambling, or even doing a crime for money is hustling. They’re technically right because to them, that is hustling.

Nonetheless, hustling is just doing whatever you got to do to achieve the outcome you’re looking for. I hustle in every area of my life. My business, relationships, health, and knowledge.

How do you hustle? Let me know in the comment section below! It will be awesome to learn other people’s version of hustling.