Dear Samantha,It’s been a year since you left.The kids and I are dreadfully missing you.It’s no longer the same without you here. Bobby and Erica are always gloomy, having daily fights during breakfast hours before school.It’s really irritating,i know.We all miss the aroma of your morning pancakes and seeing your angelic smile which brightens our day.It’s so hard letting you go.Every night before we sleep,little Erica blows you a kiss.We gaze unto the skies hoping that we could see your pretty face smiling down unto us again.Our prayers are with you daily.Love,on cold days and nights I hold unto our photo album tight wishing you could be right next to me while crying conclusively. “Why did she have to go away?”I lament.I’m still in love with you my precious Sammie.

Till when we meet again my beloved.

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