Yes, it is agile and social ..and some smart automation

In a previous article — Startup Yourself- I present the case of adopting Startup practices at a personal level, to become more focused, driven and ultimately successful at anything you do.

But how can a small team or even an independent professional compete in the Market? It seems an impossible race not to win but even to get noticed.

In this article, I discuss a trend that goes in favour of the individual via the reach social networks. But if you play by their rules you will be working for…


How to use startup practices in your life to get the right things done

Let’s get Personal

Almost everything in life starts small. When you try anything new the best is to break it in small parts. Smaller steps to practice and master before making it more complex and bigger.

But bigger is not always better. Is a strategy that works well for some environments like whales but it didn’t for many others. Like 90% of marsupials in Australia that we humans most likely help to become extinct.

Bigger companies are not always better. It is easy to get impressed…

Photo by Wade Austin Ellis on Unsplash

Can you guess one of the most discussed business topics and yet still a pending issue in most organizations? Yes, how Sales and Marketing work together.

The problem is not just business efficiency but a total misalignment with the way people- customers- relate to business now. it has changed — we all know because we are consumers and buyer ourselves. We don’t like to receive calls, ads or cold emails and barely pay attention even to good content but when we put our business hats on (or suits) that’s the way we operate.

We still model our organizations in the…

“Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality.” — Yann LeCun, Chief AI Scientist at Facebook

Product hunt´s most voted product of last week was a page that produces machine generated human faces They are so real that it is both amusing and scary to look at them. The humanity transmitted by their eyes makes you shiver. The PH community polarised quicky into advocates envisioning cool uses and doomsayers warning of potential misuses. In the very few days that have passed, I have already seen designers services build on top of it… is all about helping you find the right business contact at the right time to maximise your opportunities. It’s automated lead generation but with human-style intelligence.

We’ve all signed up to the latest social networks and business networking tools: sometimes they help us find the right person, allowing for “social selling”, but most of the time finding leads feels like a time-consuming lottery. The big problem is that you have to choose between manual browsing that eats into your productive work schedule, or automated tools that simply aren’t focused enough to bring results.

If you happened to overhear one…

Jorge Araluce

Startup Sales & Growth. Working with VC &Corporates in Open Innovation.Slow learner but obstinate, seeking experiences and balance

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