networking with the power of technology is all about helping you find the right business contact at the right time to maximise your opportunities. It’s automated lead generation but with human-style intelligence.

We’ve all signed up to the latest social networks and business networking tools: sometimes they help us find the right person, allowing for “social selling”, but most of the time finding leads feels like a time-consuming lottery. The big problem is that you have to choose between manual browsing that eats into your productive work schedule, or automated tools that simply aren’t focused enough to bring results.

If you happened to overhear one of your contacts talking to a stranger at a networking event about exactly the area where you do business or have a service to offer, you’d consider it a lucky break. Social and business networking tools take the luck out of it because they offer the equivalent of being on hand for every public conversation that involves any of your contacts. But wading through all of those online exchanges is like trying to keep up with every conversation at a crowded party. aims to give you the performance of an expert, human b2b networker but with the comprehensiveness and speed that only a computer can deliver. That starts with the way our app offers a central dashboard that lets you search all of your social channels, from LinkedIn to Twitter and from blogs to Google+, in one go, bringing all your extended networks together.

These searches improve on dumb keyword lookups in two ways, both designed to replicate the skills of a perceptive human assistant. Firstly, will take your core keyword and expand it to look for related terms based on our continually-refined database of linked concepts. No longer will you have to cross your fingers and hope you pick the same words and phrases as the people you are looking for.

Secondly, our service carries out a more intelligent search. It doesn’t just look for keyword matches, but assesses the context. That way you find contacts who genuinely match what you are looking for, rather than those who just happen to have used a particular word.

Once you’ve got a search up and running, you can set it to track down people who are talking about a particular topic right now. That means you can make contact with people right at the point when they are most amenable to doing business.

Try out today and see how it can make your social and professional networks reach their full potential.

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