#1 Be Prepared …lists, lists, lists

Tactical Planning

Here are the three things that will make your workshop go as smooth as possible.

A. Keep a checklist. For example, here’s a materials checklist for making prototyping kits for tables of 8 people, courtesy of LIME design. (Read Checklist Manifesto for the value of keeping lists)

Stacks of kits of prototyping materials to our helpers. Handy for the large sessions we ran in hotel ballrooms.

B. Find and befriend support staff. They can support you by buying materials, ordering catering, scheduling participants and customers for the event, setting up the room, etc. (I’m every thankful to the Admin team in India for the 100 kits they made when we ran a session for 800 people!)

C. Plan the day, down to the minute. This is not an agenda, this is, in d-school parlance, a tick-tock. It’s a precise timing. Print out copies for all of the session leaders/coaches. Fold and stash in your backpocket. View sample from a short workshop I ran with Rachana Rele and Cynthia Young at the SF Design Thinking Meetup.