#3 Ice Breakers … Getting to know you

Favorite Activities

A small workshop for the Marketing team in 2013. Personal stories about family, love and Bill Clinton!

A. For a small group activities. Ask participants to bring a personal item that is meaningful to them. Have each person share their story.

B. For larger teams, especially with a lot of creatives, have people draw themselves and share the drawing with a partner. You give instructions as to what the picture should include: likes/dislikes, favorite place to travel, family members, etc.

Hello Game

C. My favorite exercise I learned from Thiagi is the opener Hello Game. It’s what he calls a “sudden survey.” The gist is that you break the room into 4 teams and assign each team to learn a different thing about the participants in the room. For example, with 3 teams, you might assign them to find out (1) the goals of the participants (2) the skills of the participants and (3) the backgrounds of the participants. Then you give them strict timing to plan, collect data, summarize and present. (The whole thing takes under 30 minutes). This gets everyone engaged, it avoids the boring “lets go one by one around the room” and best of all, you get to sit back and watch! (more details on how to run this in the Thiagi books and classes … and, no, I do not get a cent for promoting them. I’m just a crazy fan-girl.)