A-Rod Shouldn’t Be Done

Let’s be honest, I’m scared to write this blog. Any minute, news could come down that A-Rod is officially retiring (unlikely) or signing up to join his hometown Miami Marlins (very likely). Hopefully I can get through this before either one of those happens.

But anyway, A-Rod shouldn’t be done. He’s four homers short of 700. He needs to end on a better note. His Yankees career was ended in a half-assed way not fitting of what he’s done in this game. Joe Girardi treated him like shit, as did the Yankees brass. He should’ve started all last week. He should’ve played third for a whole game. Hell, they should have given him an inning as a Yankee shortstop (something he always should have been, but gave up in order to win). Instead they trashed him on his way out of town and laughed when his ceremony got rained on. They didn’t appreciate the fact that he carried the 2009 championship team, that he tormented the Red Sox, that he chose to stay. It isn’t A-Rod’s fault that the Yankees signed him to a dumb deal. He was a good Yankee and they did him dirty in the end.

Now with Miami slugger Giancarlo Stanton done for the year, the team and Alex should get together for a month and a half. Show him love on the way out, let him climb the home run ranks, sell tickets and celebrate what a great baseball player he was before he calls it quits and goes on to be the best baseball analyst on television.

A-Rod messed up too many times, but he isn’t a bad guy. He took steroids, but he was going to be one of the best of all time with or without them. He (along with most other steroid guys) belongs in the Hall of Fame, just with an asterisk. Rodriguez loved the game more than anything, and the game should love him back for a few more weeks.

*Putting A-Rod and Barry Bonds in the same clubhouse will be ELECTRIC.

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