Atlanta Zoo Names Cockroach After Tom Brady

Sick burn! Boom roasted! That Atlanta Zoo is hysterical! They lost a Super Bowl bet to the Roger Williams Zoo and had to name a baby animal after Tom Brady. So guess what? They totally found a loophole because it was never specified what KIND of baby animal it had to be! The Atlanta Zoo named one of their “Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches” after Brady.

Seriously, great work guys. That’s a pretty awesome diss and it went viral. Congrats. I get the joke too, because they think Tom Brady is like a cockroach, since cockroaches are gross! Super.

In all seriousness, what kind of zoo displays cockroaches? I feel like that’s pretty weird/boring. That’s the real diss here, that no one will ever see this thing because who goes to a zoo to look at a cockroach?

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