Auction vs Regular Draft

I was saving this blog for a day when I had absolutely nothing cooking in my brain. So here we are. If you’ve ever played fantasy sports then you have drafted a team. You might not have done it auction style though, and if you haven’t you’re missing out.

I did an auction draft a few weeks ago for fantasy baseball and it wasn’t my first time, but it just reminded me how much I love it. So if you do a regular draft, (I think it’s called a snake draft) you get a spot 1 through say, 14. So you run through the 14 different teams picking a player for their team in the first round and then the draft switches and you go backwards 14–1. It keeps switching off every single round until you are done.

So if you do one of these, you really want a good pick. You don’t really want one like 1 or 14 because it takes so long to get to your next pick. You don’t really want 7 or 8 because you’re just stuck in the middle and never get an advantage. You want like a 3 or a 12 or something in my opinion. It’s a fun way to draft a fantasy football team and the way I’ll probably always do it.

For baseball though, I’m an auction draft guy. Don’t ask me why I like one for baseball and one for football because I really don’t know. But an auction draft is a lot more fun.

In an auction draft you still have an order, but it’s a nomination order, not a draft order. So basically whoever has the nomination pick can nominate a player to be up for auction. Each team gets a budget, say of 300 fake dollars. You want to spend that 300 pretty wisely because you’ve got like 10 starting position players, 6 starting pitchers (when I say starting I mean just starting on your team, relief guys included) and maybe like 4 or 6 bench spots. So say it’s 22 players for 300 dollars, that gives you an average of like 13 or 14 dollars a player.

Obviously the better players on your team are going to go for way more than that and your last couple of picks are going to be like 1 dollar players. But the fun is trying to bid on a guy you really want or drive the price up on the other guys in the league for players they want. It’s awesome. You are engaged the whole time and you need some real strategy and thinking going on. I love it.

*Also, in person drafts are the best thing ever if you can get it done.

So I don’t know why I wanted to write this blog because I’m not definitely saying one is better than the other. I like both for different sports and I’ll probably stick that way.

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