Being A New England Patriots Fan Is Stressful

Yea you read that headline correctly, I think being a Pats fan is a little bit tougher than people think. I was watching the game yesterday and I realized something. I am almost never satisfied after a game. And we’ve won most games in my lifetime. It probably sounds stupid but my standards for the Pats have gotten so ridiculously high that I pretty much expect perfection.

I can live with a close game and a win when we’ve got Jimmy G or Jacoby Brissett at QB. When Brady’s back there, I can handle a close game and a win in the right situation. Like maybe on the road in Denver or New York. But in almost every other circumstance I expect to win by 10 at least. And I expect Brady to never throw an interception. I expect Edelman never to fumble. Gronk never to drop. The defense not to give up more than like 17.

It isn’t good. I was very angry with the Seattle game last week and going into yesterday against the 1 win 49ers I wanted blood. Anything less than 50–14 was going to be a problem. And for almost half the game I was fuming about how bad the Pats looked. Not caring that it was raining or that field conditions probably were shitty. And when the Pats finally kind of pulled away I got happier but still knew the outcome wouldn’t be what I thought it should be. When the 49ers scored that pretty meaningless garbage time touchdown and not only pushed their point total to 17 but covered in the process I was way more distraught than I should have been.

But anyway, I came to this realization yesterday as I watched the games with someone I work with who is a Ravens fan. His team lost and he wasn’t muttering to himself or seeming that upset at all. Honestly, I envy other fans that can move on from a game because they lose pretty regularly. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the Pats to be shitty but it must be nice to have like a middle of the pack team so that when you just manage to win you are happy no matter how it looked and when you lose it’s “okay get ‘em next week.”

Or maybe I’m the only Pats fan like this too. I know people get upset but it legitimately effects my week after a win or a loss or a not-so-great win. I analyze it over in my head many times and think about what it all means for the future and the possibility of a win in February. I might be a little overboard and I might have to temper my expectations week to week. But it’s stressful being a Pats fan like 75% of the time. Just winning games and getting in the playoffs should be good enough, but it isn’t. We have to be dominant.

*I don’t want to go on a rant about yesterday but holy shit I hate when the Pats don’t try to score before halftime and basically just run clock. And kneeling on like the 5 at the end of the game was lame. Throw that 5th TD pass, cover and run it up.