Ben Simmons Out For The Year And This Should Serve As A Reminder For Celtics Fans

So #1 overall pick Ben Simmons, one of the most hyped hoops prospects I’ve seen in a long time and a dude that to me looked like a lock to be a stud, is out for the year. His recovery from foot surgery hasn’t gone as planned so he won’t see the floor at all. In no way does this signal his career being over or him being a bust but it should still serve as a reminder for Celtics fans. Draft picks can go really, really wrong in a lot of ways.

In basketball, foot injuries can be some of the worst/most devastating for a guy’s career. We’ve seen it in multiple instances. So yea, I’m not saying he’s screwed (his teammates Joel Embiid took two years to play) but I’m just saying it serves as a cautionary tale for those that want to build through unknown prospects rather than proven commodities. You aren’t guaranteed anything.

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