Bill Polian Says Randy Moss and Terrell Owens Don’t Belong In The HOF

I don’t like Bill Polian for a number of reasons. First off, he’s one of the most annoying, Patriot-hating, Manning fanboys out there. He goes on ESPN and acts all holier than thou saying that the Pats cheat and the Colts are the bastion of all that is right in the world. He’s completely biased and having him give his opinion on anything is really pointless. But I’m used to it, the Patriot hate. That, honestly at this point, I can take. I draw the line when this crotchety old fart starts saying that two of the top 5 wide receivers of all time don’t belong in Canton.

For Polian (who is a Hall of Famer as an executive which is dumb in itself) to say that he’s worthy but Moss and T.O. aren’t is just painfully nauseating. That clown really has the audacity to say that because of those guys being divas and not always giving full effort that they shouldn’t be enshrined? That’s fucking ridiculous. It isn’t about that and I’m sick of these people (the voters) acting like it is. Moss and T.O. never did anything that Odell Beckham or Dez Bryant wouldn’t do. They weren’t out doing anything violent like Polian’s boy Marvin Harrison. But I’m sure Polian wants Harrison in. That’s what’s the most laughable honestly. Polian actually said that the Colts were above taking guys with bad character. That’s rich.

Anyway, Moss and T.O. coulda played with one eye covered and one hand behind their backs and they still would be HOF level guys. Maybe you can get away with saying stupid shit like this about a borderline guy but for two absolute legends, nah.

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