Bryce Harper Is High If He Thinks He’s Worth $400 Million

There are a bunch of stories and rumors floating around right now in the MLB and one of the most interesting involves Nationals slugger Bryce Harper. It’s said that Harper will ask for an ABSURD $400 million in free agency in a couple of years and the Nationals are prepared to let him walk.

First off, we don’t know if this is true at all but I’m gonna operate under the assumption that it is for my purposes. In that case, good for the Nats telling Harper to eat shit. That is an absolutely ridiculous demand for a guy who just batted like .240 and is coming off a pretty down year. 400 mil and 10 years would be the biggest pay day ever by a longggggg shot. I know Harper has crazy talent and will only be 25 when he hits the market and contracts are skyrocketing as it is but no I would never give him that money.

There is MAYBE a few dudes in baseball that I’d even think about giving that type of deal. Those guys are Mike Trout, Kris Bryant, Manny Machado and Mookie Betts. And you know what, I still wouldn’t do it. That deal could cripple you. And it will. If Harper gets that contract it’ll be from his self admitted favorite team that he is on the record saying he wants to play for, the Yankees. And it’ll be the dumbest move the Yankees have ever made which is saying something. It makes me excited as a Red Sox fan to think about how much New York will regret that deal in year 5.

All in all I think Harper is the most overrated player in baseball. He’s got the ability but he honestly has been underwhelming in his career so far. And I’m not being a hater because I acknowledge he has won and MVP. But if you think he’s ever been better than Mike Trout he hasn’t. And most years he’s had a lot of players better than him. In fact, his ONLY great year was 2015. And it was a monster year. But other than that he’s been okay. So he’s delusional if he thinks he’s good enough for 400 mil right now (I say right now because I do love the thought of what Harper can be, he just isn’t there yet and to be thinking about a record contract now is getting ahead of himself). Just because he’s a star with a lot of hype and endorsements and all that crap he has a rep for being a superstar. His stats say otherwise. And don’t even get me started about his putrid postseason stats. The dude isn’t really worth 200 million yet to me. He’s gonna have to kill it for the next few years because he’s got a long way to go before he starts thinking about a fat payday.

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