CBS Sports Online Brackets Crash 1 Hour Before March Madness Tips Off

So just like the ESPN Fantasy Football app on the first day of the season, the CBS Sports servers crapped out at the worst possible time of the year. People were freaking out all over Twitter about how they couldn’t make a bracket or make any tweaks before tip off and CBS is catching a bunch of shit.

In my opinion though, if you’re the asshole who literally waits to the last possible minute to fill out a bracket then you 100000% deserve this. Your bracket should have been done by last night at the latest. And if it was and you just wanted to make one tweak, calm the hell down. In all likelihood that one tweak is changing your bracket for a dumb upset to happen that probably won’t happen and even if it does you still probably aren’t gonna have a good bracket. Live by the bracket you make because “research” often times just hurts you in March Madness.

So anyway, pretty shitty look for CBS but at the same time the people losing it need to pipe down because 1. you should be all set by now and 2. no one cares about you.

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