Color Me Shocked That The Leaked Adidas NHL Jerseys Are Underwhelming

The NHL is starting up it’s partnership with Adidas and thus they are getting “new jerseys” for each team. There has been a lot of secrecy surrounding the reveal of each team’s new threads and people are hyped up about seeing what everything will look like.

Well, some jerseys have already leaked and they look…exactly the same. Why am I not shocked at all? Because this is what happens in these situations. Adidas will leave most teams alone and maybe roll out one or two overhauled jerseys to gauge reaction. It’s exactly like what happened when the NFL switched to Nike.

For the vast majority of the NFL, the jerseys remain the same years later. Nike throws them in color rush jerseys once a year and gradually changes little things to some teams, but most stay the same. The classics will never change either and the NHL/Adidas will probably follow a similar pattern.

So even though I want to see some sick new sweaters and a Bruins overhaul, it probably ain’t coming. Don’t hold your breath.

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