For One Day, Everything Was Perfect In Boston Sports

Yesterday, April 3rd was Opening Day at Fenway Park. The sun was shining and everyone was in a great mood. There were a bunch of reasons why.

Let’s just start out with the team that was actually playing. A stacked club with a lot of promise rolled out their reigning Cy Young Award winning pitcher, who continued his run of success. Rick Porcello pitched into the 7th inning, giving up three runs on six hits while striking out five and walking one. It wasn’t dominant, but it was a quality outing to kick off the new year and earn a win. Meanwhile, the Sox bullpen held it down as they only gave up two hits to the Pittsburgh Pirates the rest of the way.

If you wanted to find one sad part about the Sox season opener, it was the fact that the team is missing David Ortiz in the lineup. But the bats they did have went to work and kept everything positive as they scored five runs on ten hits with most of that output coming off Gerrit Cole, a legitimate ace. Rookie of the Year favorite Andrew Benintendi immediately delivered on his promise as he launched a three run bomb to right field. Pablo Sandoval legged out an infield single to drive a run in and show the fans of Boston that he’s come to play. Jackie Bradley Jr. roped a triple and made an outstanding catch in the outfield. Things looked good for the Sox and the fans went home happy.

Now, how did the other teams get in on the fun if they weren’t in action on Monday? Well the Patriots showed up at Fenway with their five Lombardi Trophies to throw out the first pitch and get the fans amped up. The Bruins and Celtics weren’t in the building, but they were each sitting pretty. The B’s were on an off day after beating the Chicago Blackhawks to run their season long winning streak to five games and move closer to a playoff spot. The C’s meanwhile, were only sitting atop the Eastern Conference.

So for the day, there wasn’t much to get mad about as a Boston sports fan. I mean, we live a pretty charmed life with how spoiled we are but yesterday was just a day where you would really have to nitpick to complain. Of course, people did. Sports talk radio was blasting the Pats for bringing in Adrian Peterson for a visit. Talking heads were saying that Gronk shouldn’t be showing up to participate in Wrestlemania because he might get injured. I even saw some people saying Tom Brady was lame for bringing his recently recovered Super Bowl jersey to Fenway.

You could say Craig Kimbrel gave up a hit in the ninth inning. You could say Porcello lost it a little bit towards the end of his outing. You could even say that Pablo Sandoval made a throwing error. But you’d be a miserable person who can’t just enjoy a day when all is well. Sure, it’s a long season for the Sox and one win doesn’t make a World Series champion. Sure, the Bruins could miss the playoffs and the Celtics could get bounced too early. But for one day, you should be able to kick back and realize how awesome we have it. I sure did.

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