Glen “Big Baby” Davis Calls Doc Rivers “Overrated” And “Lucky”

When I first saw this, I was ready to be annoyed. Glen Davis is washed and nobody in the NBA even wants him. So when I heard he went on Chris Broussard’s podcast (that podcast must be electric) and blasted Doc Rivers I kind of figured it was a bunch of bullshit and sour grapes. I mean, what has Glen Davis even done since he was a Celtic? Not much, and honestly I wouldn’t have been surprised if he was playing in China or retired now.

But then I clicked on the link and saw what he said (because I read about it, I didn’t listen to this thing) and I didn’t hate it. He basically just said that he thought Doc was an overrated coach and that he got lucky getting the Celtics group that he did. Honestly, he’s not wrong. Doc got tabbed as this amazing coach because he led a team to a championship, a Finals appearance and many other deep playoff runs. But that’s dumb because the team was stacked. I mean really, the Celtics and Doc got WICKED lucky that things broke a certain way and they could get Ray Allen and KG. KG was basically given to us for nothing. So taking a very talented team and doing what he did doesn’t make him this amazing coach. If anything, those Celtics teams should have won more. One title in that like 6 year window is an underachievement.

Now with Doc having been in LA we’ve seen more of what he really is. He’s got a team with a lot of good players but they aren’t quite as loaded as those Celtics teams. They also aren’t shitty like the Celtics teams he had before the KG and Allen additions (when Doc was a “terrible” coach and people in Boston wanted him out). But anyway, these LA teams haven’t done anything significant at all. So maybe Doc isn’t that amazing of a coach and he could very well have been “overrated” and “lucky.”

With all this said, I do think a lot of this comes from Glen Davis being bitter. He and Doc had a tumultous relationship in Boston and in LA and Davis just seems like a whiner. He definetly is lashing out because he’s mad that he isn’t good enough to be in the league. So while I do think Davis is a turd and don’t like where he was coming from, his points weren’t totally wrong.

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