Hard Knocks Episode 3 Recap: The Mike Singletary Show

It took me until now to recap this episode from last week because I didn’t find time to watch it before last night. Another good episode that is making this season pretty entertaining as a whole. I hate that it’s already almost over and we need a full season version like Amazon’s “All Or Nothing.”

This episode really focused on family which led me to really just dread when some of these guys they feature get cut. It started with rookie wideout Paul McRoberts meeting with Jeff Fisher after he had learned of his little brother’s murder on Facebook. It was a tough scene to watch and it reminded you that these guys are real people with sometimes huge problems. It sucked and I’m hoping this young receiver can find peace and have a good year.

After that, there was a lot of time spent with Eric Kush’s family as his wife detailed how hard it is to bounce around from city to city with their two young boys. Receiver Austin Hill is a guy that I just have a real bad feeling will get cut because they spend a lot of time on him and his struggle to get in the game or get a pass thrown to him and also on his girlfriend and daughter that he is trying to support. I’m rooting for him. We also had brief appearances by Case Keenum’s mother, Alec Ogletree’s wife and newborn son and Ian Seau’s sister. Last but not least was the story of Jeff Fisher’s son, who is now the defensive backs coach for the team (I had no idea that was his son before this). It was cool to see their relationship and how the younger Fisher is doing as his own coach.

With the family part set aside we had some other highlights like a few of the players heading to Disneyland and riding the rides, defensive end Eugene Sims showing off his Odell-like hands, Jeff Fisher playing highlights and Eric Kush making tank tops for the whole squad. Nothing in this episode was quite like Mike Singletary though.

Singletary stole the show by just being a scary old man. Some of the players were even heard saying that he is the one coach they wouldn’t screw with (except Tavon Austin who did and I think might be on a list somewhere in Mike’s basement now). Singletary showed off his agility and strength while working out and going through drills with the linebackers. He also told Ogletree that he had the ability to be great but he isn’t using it so write Alec Ogletree in for a career year. It was just flat out captivating watching this dude be an absolute beast at whatever age he is at. Hopefully we’ll get more from him because old football guys are the best form of entertainment.

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