HOLY MOLY, The Patriots Trade Jamie Collins

Weirdest thing I’ve seen in a while. The NFL trade deadline is tomorrow but that deadline almost always comes and goes without any notable players being dealt. Well, the Pats just shocked everyone and traded Collins to Cleveland (Jeez Cleveland, so hot right now, Cleveland) for a 3rd round draft pick. Apparently the team just found out and the players in the locker room are blown away.

So Collins was a free agent to be after the season and it was seeming more and more like the Pats would not be getting something done with Jamie but this is a wild move. I get that it’s good to get something for him rather than let him walk but if I’m gonna be really honest I think I want him for a Super Bowl run more. Our defense isn’t exactly doing well and trading Collins takes away a BIG piece. I’m just wondering how long this has been in the works. Collins didn’t see the usual number of snaps yesterday and it seems like recent moves like the trade for the LB Van Noy probably foretold this a bit. We also have seen some good play out of Elandon Roberts that probably prompted the Pats to feel comfortable doing this but still, WOW.

I honestly don’t know what to think about this deal as it just broke but it’s just such a Patriot move. We move on from big name guys all the time and don’t blink. I have faith in the organization but it’s still a scary move. It reminds me of the Chandler Jones trade because we knew we weren’t re-signing him but it also reminds me of a move in the NBA. It makes me think of the Celtics Kendrick Perkins trade in a way from years back. A team that was the clear front runner trades away a key piece and in that case it really screwed the C’s. I hope that doesn’t happen here even though I think it won’t.

The other crazy thing is, we traded for a compensatory 3rd rounder when if we just kept Collins and he signed elsewhere we would have gotten a compensatory 3rd rounder in ‘18 anyway. I know I’m not smart enough to criticize this because BB is a genius but what the hell is the line of thinking!?

Just such a crazy, surprising but not surprising move by Bill Belichick. Dude is a genius and Jamie will go probably become irrelevant in Cleveland/help them finish 0–16. That’s how this usually works and it’s absolutely insane that this seems so dumb yet will in all likelihood work out really well. In a year we’ll all be like “Oh yea how smart was that Collins move” just like Revis, Welker, Asante Samuel, Deion Branch and many others. Such is the life of a Pats fan.

*I really wonder how much Collins was asking and if things got so sour that this was almost forced. I mean, trading him to Cleveland, the worst team in the league, is a pretty big middle finger. Reports are already saying the two sides had “a lot of trouble” in contract talks.

**Now Schefty is saying Collins was looking for Von Miller money. Yea right guy, you’re not that good.

***Needed to get Josh Gordon, Joe Thomas or Joe Haden.

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