I Hate When No Hitters Get Talked About

I’m not all that superstitious but I really don’t like that no hitters get mentioned out loud. Last night was another night when a no-no was in play, this time for the Cubs’ Kyle Hendricks.

Hendricks, first of all, does not strike me as the type of guy to throw a no hitter. I know a lot of no name pitchers have thrown them and not gone on to have crazy success overall, but it was just kind of odd to see Hendricks on the verge of history. Anyway, my big point here is that I don’t like people saying “no hitter” when a no hitter is in progress. The announcers just throw it around willy-nilly when they should just be alluding to the fact that no hits have been allowed. Now people in the stadium are even talking about it openly as well. What happened to the days when you weren’t to say a PEEP about this?

I don’t mind seeing an alert on my phone or a tweet about it because these days people want to know what might happen so they can turn the channel and see something awesome. But stop talking about it. It’s not just for the teammates and coaches to keep quiet and stay away from the pitcher. I want everyone in on it.

You can hint at what is going on but just don’t say “hey this guy is about to throw a no-no.” Yea, I’m aware that this is silly and talking about something away from the guy has nothing to do with if he’ll pull it off or not, but this is how I want it. Anyway, as soon as I heard about Hendricks last night I flipped the channel to see him get taken deep and lose the no hitter in the ninth. Probably because the announcers were openly acknowledging it…

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