I Have A Lot Of Respect For Doug Baldwin

Look, I’m not gonna get into this whole NFL protest thing or pretend to know much about the issues going on in our country. But I will say that Doug Baldwin is handling himself really well and more people should be listening to him. I’m not down with the whole sit or kneel during the national anthem and then don’t really offer a solution thing like Colin Kaepernick is doing. It just feels like too much of an attention grab from him.

Then you’ve got other guys in the league who are saying intelligent things about the issue like Thomas Davis, Cam Newton, the Bennett brothers, the McCourtys and even Greg Olsen. Doug Baldwin though has really impressed me. That guy is a real leader looking to make a real difference. He’s talking at length and offering some solutions while also preaching unity and not disrespecting anyone or anything. He’s being reasonable and not pitting people against each other. When you really look at what Kap is doing, it’s causing more people to fight over the topic then just discuss it.

I don’t wanna talk too much about serious issues, that’s not what this blog is for, but I just wanted to throw out there that Doug Baldwin deserves a lot of credit for how he’s representing himself and his team.

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