I LOVE The Thought Of An “All Bad Guys” Super Bowl

So I just stumbled upon another dumb Max Kellerman take on the internet that read “A Patriots-Cowboys matchup is the Super Bowl no one wants.” It just was a quick video on ESPN.com with Kellerman standing there talking about how this can’t happen because there needs to be a team to root for.

Anyway, I didn’t totally hate everything he had to say (besides calling the Steelers “good guys” when I’m pretty sure Big Ben is a rapist) but it did get me thinking. I’m not betting on Dallas getting there, I don’t even like them to win this weekend but I would LOVE for it to be Pats and Cowboys in the Super Bowl. I can just see the whining now. “First Donald Trump is president and now we have mean guys in the Super Bowl?? 2017 is the worst! Wahhhh!” Oh it would be beautiful.

I’m obviously a Pats fan but I’ve always been a Cowboys in the NFC guy too. Before you say “wow the two best teams what a bandwagon loser” I’ve never really seen the Cowboys be good. I’m 22, I don’t remember their Super Bowls. My brother just went to live in Dallas for a few years and liked them a bit and I also just liked Romo and the classic uniforms. I hate Jerry Jones but the I love everything else about them.

They are also the two best teams this year and it would pit the model franchise against a franchise that says they are the model franchise (I say I like the Cowboys a bit but the whole America’s team bullshit is just ridiculous. And I’d obviously want the Pats to pound them into oblivion and show them what a real organization is). But it would just be awesome to have the All Super Villain Super Bowl. I’d revel in the hate and just be so satisfied knowing much of the country would be disgusted.

The best part would be seeing those people agonize over who to root for. You can’t just watch and not have a preference, it’s physically impossible. So knowing they’d have to make that Sophie’s choice would be an amazing feeling. Shit, I want this to happen really bad now.

*I’m fairly confident most of America would root for the Cowboys which makes me happier. Bring the hate!

** “You can’t root for both of them.” Uhh yes, I can Max Kellerman. Watch me.

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