If The Cowboys Go Back To Romo Right Now They Are Making A Big Mistake

The Dallas Cowboys started hot, and still have only lost 2 games all year. But their last two games have been pretty bad and now they are losing their minds. They didn’t play well in the Thursday Night game in Week 13 and barely scraped out a win against the Minnesota Vikings, and then this past Sunday night they dropped their second game of the year to the rival New York Giants. Now, all I’ve heard for the past week is that they might/should go back to Tony Romo as the team’s starting quarterback.

Dallas just doesn’t know how to win. They don’t know that games like the Minnesota one happen. If you travel to play a team on a Thursday night that isn’t great but is still contending and has a pretty good defense, you might lose that game. If anything, the fact that Dallas played a shit game and still pulled it out is impressive. And as far as losing two to the Giants this year, that isn’t great but the G-Men are a playoff team. There isn’t much shame in falling to them. But now, the fans and the media and possibly even the front office want to place the blame on rookie QB Dak Prescott who has been very good all year otherwise. It’s ridiculous.

Just because Tony Romo is back on the sideline and ready to play doesn’t mean you bring him in at the first sign of trouble. I believe the team has Dak’s back and has faith in him. Anyone with a brain knows that Dak is the quarterback of the future there. I’m a HUGE Tony Romo fan and apologist but it wouldn’t be right to say he should go back in. He’s a great player with a lot of experience and maybe more talent than Dak right now but Dak changes this team in a unique way. If they give the ball back to Romo, I feel like it’s bad karma (and he’s pretty fragile so that’s scary). If Romo does go in and get hurt, what do you do? You can’t turn back to Dak and be like “oh yea we’re so happy you’re back in and we have the utmost faith in you.” That would seem insincere.

Last year, when Brock Osweiler replaced Peyton Manning, Brock played pretty good for people that don’t remember. Peyton was bad and everyone knew it. But when Brock faltered (and he was never playing as good as Dak has and his struggles were worse than Dak’s have been) they went back to Manning and ruined a relationship with Osweiler. Now, they won the Super Bowl and Brock left for big money and stinks so this is definetly not the best example, but they soured a relationship with a guy and could have never handed him the job back. If Dallas breaks Dak’s confidence and benches him, he may never be the same when he ends up back in the game. He has to actually lose the job rather than just have it pulled from him after slight bumps in the road.

So anyway, Jerry Jones needs to keep it in his pants (and honestly the rest of the organization needs to try to block out what Jerry has to say because that guy makes terrible decisions) and back off putting Romo in, and also blatantly showing how bad he wants to put him back in. Give Dak this week against Tampa, who is also a contender and see how it goes. If he loses but plays well, we have a conversation. If he loses and plays terrible, you can say he lost it and gave you no choice but to go to Tony. But don’t be premature and take it from the guy for nothing, because it’ll bite you in the ass.

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