If You Aren’t On Board With Tom Brady’s New Haircut You Know Nothing About Style

So TB12 has been rockin’ a new haircut this year, as he seems to do almost every year. I noticed it early on in training camp but for some reason the internet just started talking about it today after his press conference.

Let me be honest, it’s a bold haircut. It’s very 90's sitcom and with the shaved face Tommy looks like he might be trying to look younger. But bold is what a guy like Brady can pull off. The rest of us earthlings would try this feathered hairstyle and look absolutely ridiculous. But Tom’s a trendsetter and that’s what style is all about. He likes to zig while everyone else zags. If we’re all rocking the undercut he made cool two years ago, he’s switching it up and I guarantee people will follow. Before the season is over the world will be sporting the Tom Brady first day of school special.

So make fun of it now all you want but you’ll probably be asking your barber for it come November.

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