I’m Convinced There Are Some Franchises That Just Can’t Be Saved

Watching the Jets game last night (why) I thought of how out of hand this team has gotten and how Todd Bowles lost them completely a long time ago. I was about to say to myself “they need to fire Todd Bowles” but then I thought, “no wait a second, Todd Bowles needs to fire the Jets.”

This led to me to thinking about coaches that really never stood a chance because of how shitty the franchise they joined is. And honestly I convinced myself that some teams are just not savable and will make coaches look terrible. Like I don’t think that Hue Jackson is an 0–12 coach. He may not be a good coach, but what I’m saying is the Browns are SO shitty that he never stood a chance. You need to throw him on a middle of the pack team to really be able to judge him. That’s how I feel about Bowles too.

Say you give Bowles the Cardinals, the team he was the defensive coordinator for, and you give Jackson the Bengals who he was offensive coordinator for. Maybe they do well. Maybe they still suck. But I feel like that is when you can realllly judge a coach. There’s no excuses in those situations. The Jets and Browns to me just seem like such colossal hell holes that they would eat up even the greatest coach right now (Bill Belichick not included because that guy could take Alabama to the NFL playoffs).

But anyway, I’ve read up on Bowles and really liked him as a coaching candidate before he went to New York. Maybe he’s one of those guys who is just way better as a coordinator, but we need him to leave New York and end up somewhere else to get a real look at what he is.

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