Is Drinking Iced Coffee In The Fall/Winter Acceptable Behavior?

We’re in the middle of fall in New England and I see more and more people ordering hot coffee instead of iced. We’re not in full on chilly mode with people wearing sweatshirts or vests everyday but we’re getting there. I’m still drinking iced coffee though and I usually do all year round. It just dawned on me that it might be a little bit of a weird move to not switch it up to a hot beverage once it starts to get cool.

I mean, I love hot chocolate and I’ll have the occasional hot coffee but that’s really only when someone offers me coffee at their house or I feel like ordering it after dinner at a restaurant. I’ll never actually go to a Dunkin or Starbucks and ask for a hot coffee. It’s iced all day everyday even if it’s 10 degrees out. Am I normal? My guess is in this instance, no. But is it still an okay thing to do or am I being silently judged? That’s the real question here.