Is It Weird That I Don’t Take Peanuts Out Of The Shell To Eat Them?

First off, I’ll answer my own question. Yes it is weird. But that doesn’t at all mean that it isn’t right or doesn’t make a ton of sense. I don’t see any reason to take the peanuts out of the shell ever.

First off, who likes doing any extra work when trying to eat something? With the exception of lobster (which is the most work but I only eat it like once a year and it’s well worth it) I don’t want to have to do anything just to be able to eat. That includes the minuscule task of pulling apart a peanut shell. Also, the little tiny peanuts inside the shell are too small to even do anything for me. I need something extra there with it so I actually feel like I’m eating something with any amount of substance, not just swallowing a tiny little morsel. Lastly, the shell is pretty tasty. It adds more salty flavor. Don’t try to tell me that’s a bad thing.

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been popping the whole shell in my mouth and munching away. It’s delicious and if you tried it you’d like it to. I’ve actually turned friends on to it who have looked at me like I was some kind of animal when I first did it in front of them. It’s better. And honestly, the only reason I say it’s weird is because something that isn’t widely done is usually considered weird. But I wholeheartedly believe it makes more sense.

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