It’s Never Good To Be Called A Super Team In Any Sport But Basketball

Yesterday the Red Sox blew up the baseball world when they traded for another ace in Chris Sale. It caused a lotttt of reaction from fans, executives, coaches, players and the media. A bunch of things were said about the team and Dave Dombrowski but nothing stood out quite like Yankees GM Brian Cashman’s comments.

Cashman called the Red Sox the “Golden State Warriors of baseball,” implying that they are a super team. First off, I just want to say that we are living in bizarro world when the general manager of the New York Yankees acts like a poor and calls the Red Sox a super team. The Yankees basically signed every all star in the 90's and 2000's and fielded an actual super team year in and year out. I wonder how Cashman forgets that.

Second, I just want to say that being called a super team is TERRIBLE karma in any sport but basketball. We all know the examples of football teams or baseball teams getting labeled that way and then colossally failing. Hell, one of those squads was the 2011 Red Sox. It seems like unless you’re a basketball team (because basketball is such an individual sport where one star, let alone three or four, can carry a team) getting called a “Super Team” is basically marking you for doom. It almost never ends in a championship and usually goes wayyyy down hill, which scares me a bit.

Lastly, I want to reverse this the best I can. This Red Sox team is stacked, but not a super team. I wouldn’t call a team with Mitch Moreland at first, Pablo Sandoval at third and Christian Vazquez/Blake Swihart behind the plate “super.” This team has some really, REALLY strong areas and is a very good squad that should be the AL favorite, but super team is a little strong. That 2011 team was a super team on paper. It basically had no holes. This team needs to plug up some gaps.

So anyway, I love that the rest of the MLB is shaking in their boots and pissed that Boston added Sale, but I don’t want the Super Team tag. It’s setting the bar a little too high right now.

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