Jamie Who?

The Patriots are arrogant! Bill Belichick doesn’t value his players! This trade will ruin their season! These are all common refrains from around the country, including here in Boston, whenever the Pats have traded away a good player in the past 15 years. These same things have been said a million times and they’ll be said a million more because people never learn.

Jamie Collins is just the latest example of a player that the Patriots shipped out and then proceeded to get killed for. He was a really good player, no doubt, but he was vastly overrated around here. I’m not trying to sound like the idiot saying he wasn’t an immense talent, but he wasn’t Luke Kuechly by a longggg shot. He had some great moments, but never really played up to what he probably could have.

The biggest problem though was, reportedly, his attitude. We’ve seen this before as well. Whether the guy wants too much money, doesn’t love football enough, isn’t a hard worker or is just a bad teammate, it doesn’t matter. If any of those are remotely true, and it sure seems like at least two of them are, the Patriots and Bill Belichick will not hesitate to boot you.

So now, with an impending free agency for Collins and reports of him wanting “Von Miller money” when he clearly isn’t in Miller’s stratosphere, the Pats traded him. It happened in the middle of the season to everyone’s surprise and then how you reacted to it was very telling of how much you’ve been paying attention. Collins got shipped to Cleveland (football hell) for NOTHING, in what was clearly an F-U move by Belichick. He didn’t need to trade a Pro Bowler for nothing in the middle of the year rather than keep him for a Super Bowl run and he certainly didn’t need to send him to Cleveland. But he did and that says a lot.

So if you were one of the people flying off the handle about this and saying the team was screwed and Belichick is dumb and blah blah cost them the Super Bowl blah blah, well you must be new here. I hate to sound brainwashed, but BB is ALWAYS right about these things. Something was wrong with Collins and it doesn’t matter how good he was, he wasn’t going to torpedo the locker room with his selfishness.

I’ll admit that at the time, the move was odd. It didn’t make sense at all and left us to speculate about what was going on. Was he freelancing and ignoring coaches? Was he talking to much about his contract and setting a bad example? Or was he just not giving it his all? I knew that it was something and despite how bad the trade looked, it would end up making sense.

Anyway, it has. The team is now in the Super Bowl and the defense actually improved after Collins left. And now, yesterday, Collins signed a ridiculous 4 year $50 million deal with $26 million guaranteed. To stay with THE BROWNS. That tells you all that you need to know. This guy has no desire to win, just to get as much money as he can. He’s getting paid more than Kuechly! This is why the Browns are the Browns and the Patriots are the Patriots. Belichick was DEAD right this guy and I couldn’t be happier that they moved on.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect Collins’ ability to get paid but at the same time I recognize the fact that it just proves BB right as well. So next time he trades a star away for nothing, like he’s done quite a few times now, try to calm down and believe in a man that knows more about football than anyone on the planet.

*I sincerely hope Jamie enjoys that money. In Cleveland. While winning maybe 10 games during the length of that deal.

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