Jay Cutler Isn’t So Bad

I’m sick of this tired narrative that Jay Cutler is literally the worst QB in the National Football League. It’s lazy and flat out incorrect. Cutler rubs a lot of people the wrong way from teammates to coaches to executives to almost anyone watching the games. I get why people hate him with his “Donnnn’t Care” attitude and how he simply doesn’t seem to love football or winning. He doesn’t appear to be a good leader and is just one of those people who was gifted with crazy talent and probably feels obligated to use it to make money.

But Cutler is not even close to the worst QB out there no matter what the Bennett brothers or the talking heads say (by the way I don’t blame the Bennett’s or anyone for not liking him I’m just arguing that he’s not the worst at all). We all know he’s got immense talent and should probably be a lot better but he chooses not to care/work hard enough to get better and get smarter. But the talent alone puts him above many of the guys who call themselves QBs in the NFL.

He had a better year last year in the Adam Gase offense despite not having many weapons and although the TDs and yards were down, he threw less INTs and had an improved QB rating. The most important stat is wins, yes and the Bears were pretty bad, but that’s not all on Cutty. If I’m a Bears fan I probably hate watching him knowing what he could be but he’s not pissing away games by himself.

Being an impartial observer, I think Cutler is a pretty funny guy to watch and to root for. I don’t think he’a a bad guy, he’s just cocky and would rather be smoking a cigarette than listening to you. He’s been on my fantasy team a few years and I've done well and even won it all with him at the helm. So Cutler is my third favorite QB behind Brady and Romo and I do really want him and the Bears to do well. But yea, the eye test doesn’t suit him well. You have to actually look at stats to realize how off base the comments about him being the worst are. All I know is I’d take Jay over a lotttt of other QBs.

*I am a big fan of shitty quarterbacks sooo yea, there’s that.

**Can’t wait to see him and da Bears come practice in Foxboro. The dynamic between him and Brady will be fascinating.

***Headed to Florida for a few days so blog probably sleeps. Unless something huge hits.

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