Jimmy Garappolo Is Not Starting Thursday Night

Ever since Kiko Alonso put the Pats new QB into the turf, New England has been waiting, holding their breath to hear what Jimmy G’s status is. We’ve had multiple different reports from people in the know which leads us to well, not know anything. But trust me, Jimmy is not starting on a short week against the Texans, and I’d be shocked if he plays against the Bills after that.

The Pats are keeping this whole thing under wraps really well and saying just little enough to make everyone wonder what is actually going on. I bet the trot Jimmy out at practice today and they continue to make it like they don’t know whether or not he will play. But he isn’t playing, no matter what they say or do. I don’t doubt he’s a tough kid but to come out on Thursday night and play after getting your THROWING shoulder driven into the ground like it was would be a miracle, and probably stupid. So get ready for Jacoby Brissett everyone, because that’s who you’ll more than likely see on NFL Network Thursday night.

*I’m still confident the Patriots can win this game with Brissett starting, which speaks volumes about how arrogant I am as a Pats fan and also how good of a coaching staff we have.

**I’ll never not believe Roger Goodell didn’t play a role in Jimmy getting injured. Kiko Alonso just collected a nice prize from the commish.

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