Justin Verlander Wants To Play With No DH. Big Surprise!

With all the recent conversation about rule changes in baseball, many people are giving their opinions on what should and should not happen to the game. Well the other day Justin Verlander went on Twitter to say that both the National League and American League should have the same rules and guess which one he prefers? The one without a designated hitter! Wow, I can’t believe a pitcher wants to get rid of guys like David Ortiz so that he can face guys like Jon Lester!

Anyway, it is pretty wild that both leagues play by different rules, but I love it. I enjoy watching the differences in strategy and I like how the teams have to adapt when they visit the other league’s stadiums. So I’m in favor of keeping the DH in the AL and the pitcher hitting in the NL. Before you say I’m biased because I just watched the greatest DH of all time mash for the Sox for 13 years, I am. But that also doesn’t take away the fact that I’d love the DH no matter what. You want people to be interested in baseball? Then we need more offense not less.

If the leagues were going to adopt the same rules it would be the DH. Homers and doubles are much more entertaining than a pitcher bunting a guy over. It’s that simple.

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