LaVar Ball’s House Robbed Annnnnd This Smells Fishy

So Lonzo Ball’s dad LaVar has been in the news quite a lot lately. In fact, an annoying amount. Papa Ball has been just saying outlandish shit to grab headlines and I’m convinced he just like to hear himself speak.

Now it’s come out that his house was robbed the other day when he was out at his other son’s high school basketball game. I’m calling bullshit on this. This either didn’t happen, or LaVar Ball had someone rob his house for him because he wanted to be in the news some more. The guy loves the spotlight that much that I legit think this was set up.

Sorry if that’s insensitive to people who’s houses really have been robbed but it’s just 100% stone cold fact that LaVar Ball’s house being burglarized is a hoax for more attention. Just speaking the truth.

*I’m convinced LaVar Ball wants everyone ever to hate him now that he’s going after LeBron’s like 10 year old son and saying he’s not that good at basketball.

**I kinda love this guy.