Madden 17 Is Actually A Big Improvement

Every year I buy Madden because I want the new version with the updated teams, graphics, physics etc. I’m a slave to it, it’s my favorite game. But the problem is, it’s never really that much better than the previous year. I always try to convince myself it is but it’s not. This year though, I really like it and it had noticeable improvements.

First off, I love having a new commentary team because I hate listening to Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. The fact that they added new guys who will have continuously updated things to say throughout the season is awesome. As far as gameplay goes, they have changed the kicking system for the better, added new running mechanics and made special teams fun for the first time. The fact that you can now block a kick or a punt when before it was pretty much impossible, is fantastic. It makes a play that was basically nothing for the player on defense really crucial.

I love the trick plays that have been added to special teams as well and how they seem to have more of a variety of them. The defensive side of the ball is a lot better with a bunch of new ways to make plays. Add in the new tackle battle system that allows the runner and the defender to compete over if the guy will go down or shake off the hit and the gameplay is much improved.

I’m actually impressed with the changes made to Madden and can’t wait to continue to master it over the course of the year.