Mark Davis Plans To File Papers To Move The RRRRRRaiders to Vegas

Is anyone surprised? I’m pretty certain any time a team’s owner looks like this

he means business (and also wants to be in a place with neon lights, slot machines and strippers galore). That haircut and that suit game is something that only a true mogul could pull off and Mark Davis is ready for the big time. He knows that Oakland offers him nothing but people in scary costumes and jean shorts but Vegas baby, that’s where he was born to live. The Las Vegas Raiders are going to be quite the attraction and Marky is going to be getting into some serious mischief and I for one can’t wait.

*I also love how Roger Goodell says the league is against gambling but is also going to move a team to Vegas. Oh and Roger, gambling is the only reason people watch most games. Fantasy Football, ever heard of it?

**I can’t wait ‘till someone tells Mark Davis “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

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