Mike Evans Ends His National Anthem Protest After One Game

Tampa Bay Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans decided to take a seat on Sunday for the national anthem to protest Donald Trump. Yep, another person who is actually stamping their feet and saying a democratic election is unfair. And amazingly, Evans was dumb enough to admit that he was protesting this election despite not having voted.

Well today Evans said that he will not be sitting during the national anthem anymore and he apologized to all service members and their families. Look, I’m glad he apologized and is ending the dumbest protest of all time but also, what the fuck? It just shows how shallow and meaningless Mike Evans is and how he probably was just looking for attention.

Again, he’s not gonna win me over doing anything now because he’s shown he’s a dumbass by even thinking of protesting. If he continued to sit I’d say he’s disrespectful and it’s a dumber protest than even Colin Kaepernick’s. But giving up on it after one game probably because people yelled at him is weak too. Like I hate what Kap is doing and think he’s looking for attention and his cause is meaningless now that he didn’t vote either but he’s so steadfast about it that I guess it makes more sense than just quitting so quick. I don’t know, either way this guy looks really lame and lost a ton of respect.

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