NFL Color Rush Jerseys Revealed: Ranking the Top 5 and the Worst 5

Nike and the NFL revealed their “Color Rush” jerseys today for all 32 teams and boy we got some good ones. We also, have some pretty dumb ones of course. These uniforms are worn for every Thursday Night Football game by every team this year after the idea was tested for some of the teams last year. I love the idea to have teams get a new uni every year and have it be colorful and kind of out there. It’s great marketing and has a lot of fans buying new gear, but there are some kinks to work out. Here are my Best 5 and Worst 5 Color Rush jerseys for 2016.

Best 5

5. I know it says COLOR Rush and most of the jerseys that are white are kind of lame but the Saints white ones are hottt fire. They are like nothing I’ve seen and I love them.

4. San Diego Chargers- The Chargers jerseys are always nice but these ones are even cooler.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers- All black is always a dope look.

2. Denver Broncos- It looks like Denver went with a kind of mixed old-school and new-school look. They have all orange unis and what looks like a new helmet. A new helmet design should happen for every team.

  1. Seattle Seahawks- The Nike slogan for this campaign is “light up Thursday night.” Well these neon green threads will do just that and they are probably exactly what the NFL and Nike had in mind when they wanted to do something called a “Color Rush.”

Worst 5

5. Any Team That Is Wearing The Same One As Last Year- Get creative. Find a new one.

4. Chicago Bears- Boring.

3. Indianapolis Colts- Lame.

2. Houston Texans/ New England Patriots- Honestly the same jersey. Both blah. And the NFL somehow messed up and put them both in blue jerseys even though they are playing each other. At least make one of them all red or something. Now the Texans will be wearing regular white jerseys when they face the Pats. The NFL is dumb and somehow can’t manage to have all the teams wear color rush jerseys, but all will have them available at retail.*

  1. Philadelphia Eagles/ San Francisco 49ers-Not a bad look but they both already wear these all blacks.

*Also the Patriots jerseys look like the knock off ones poor people buy at Wal-Mart.

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