NFL Divisional Round Picks

Well, here we are at Divisional Weekend. We’ve got 4 games on the docket, with hopefully at least 3 of them being good. Start savoring these games because you’ll blink and it’ll be a month from now and you’ll be sad. Anyway, I figured I’d jump in and make some picks for this weekend against the spread and also just the straight up winner. Here’s how I did last week.

Last Week Against the Spread: 1–3

Last Week Straight Up Winners: 3–1

This week, hopefully will be better. Anyway, here we go.

Seattle at Atlanta

The line for this one is at Atlanta -5. A lottt of people like the Falcons this year, and with good reason. Their offense is explosive and Matt Ryan has been a monster. They also are playing at home in their nice, cozy Georgia Dome instead of having to go to Seattle and face the conditions and the 12th man. The Seahawks are down one of their most important players in Earl Thomas which could be a huge problem. They are also not a great offense at all. But I’m buying into the intangibles here. I know that the Falcons can look great and then fall right on their faces and I think that happens here. Seattle flips the switch when it comes to January and they’ll hang around all day before pulling off a low-scoring W. So I like them outright and obviously I’m taking Seattle +5.

Houston at New England

As a Patriots fan, I’m obviously worried anytime the whole world is saying it’s going to be a cakewalk. It just feels like bad karma. But the Patriots and Texans playing against each other is kind of impervious to bad karma. The Texans would have to play a perfect game and the Pats would have to puke on their shoes. There would have to be like 4 Texans takeaways and maybe a special teams or defensive TD. This game is going to be a bloodbath and the Pats will keep rolling. Taking them straight up, and taking them -16.

Pittsburgh at Kansas City

I’ve already talked about this a little bit the other day, but I’m all on the Chiefs. The Steelers are you’re “too many people love us” right now team as everyone seems to be anointing them as biggg threats to New England. They can’t be looking past this one as they go to Arrowhead with a gimpy Big Ben. Reid’s teams are 19–2 off the bye and even if he colossally butchers timeouts (like always) I think the Chiefs will be safe. So I’m taking KC straight up, and -1 as well.

Green Bay at Dallas

This, right here, will be the game of the week. I think the Cowboys are a much better team, but Aaron Rodgers is on fiiiiire. He’s so hot that the fact that the Green Bay defense stinks and his number 1 wideout is out almost doesn’t matter. I think Dallas, with little big game experience and with two rookies leading the way, will be rusty and shaky. Rodgers will stay dicing defenses and he’ll be challenging Dallas to a shootout. Which is when, down 14, Tony Romo will enter. Romo will climb back, but fall just short and Green Bay will move on again as the playoff’s scariest team. I’ll take Green Bay outright and +4.

We’ve got a big weekend in store, let’s roll.

*If there is a God in heaven, we’ll get a Brandon Weeden appearance in New England tomorrow night.