No One Likes Jose Bautista, But That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Sign Him

The Baltimore Orioles apparently told free agent slugger Jose Bautista’s agent that they won’t be signing him because their fans “don’t like him.” This sounded like a joke, and the agent denied it (which he should) but O’s GM Dan Duquette confirmed that this is actually what he said.

News flash to everyone, especially the Orioles, NO ONE likes Jose Bautista. For a multitude of reasons. But he’s still pretty talented and to take yourselves out on a guy because he isn’t likable is ridiculous. And if any fan doesn’t want him, I get it because I don’t wanna root for that loser either, but if the money and circumstances are right (aka his market continues to dry up and you get him on a short term deal) then I’ll be happy to have him. I’d take anyone in any sport if they are good and the situation is right. If you don’t, you’ll never win.

So for the Orioles to completely shut the door on signing a guy like Joey Bats because of his likability is beyond stupid (and for them to think they are the only ones who hate this guy when he’s pretty much universally and loudly loathed). I mean no one loved watching Roughned Odor punch Bautsita in his giant schnoze more than me but I wish the Sox had held out on signing a scrub like Mitch Moreland and waited for Bautista’s market to crash and burn to sign him.

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