No Sale: The Red Sox Are Surprisingly Quiet On Deadline Day

It’s 4:07 as I begin this blog. There is time for news to trickle in about a deal that beat the buzzer but it looks like the Red Sox stayed out of the fray at the deadline. I’m torn on how to feel about it because we saw a lot of big names move and some teams really improve. The Rangers and Indians added to their contending clubs in the AL and we even saw the Yankees kill it as sellers, bringing back a bunch of prospects for Chapman, Miller, Beltran and now I think Ivan Nova. The Red Sox added Fernando Abad, who is a lefty specialist out of the bullpen, by giving reliever Pat Light to the Twins. It’s a decent move but not enough.

I know the Sox made all their bigger moves over the last month or so, but they didn’t push the chips in on an actual big name guy in the way I thought they were sure to do. I understand the asking prices for Sale, Quintana, Lucroy and Beltran were probably all stupid and I only really wanted Sale or Beltran out of that group anyway. I’m glad we hung on to Moncada, but as for Benintendi and the other guys rumored to be in deals, I wouldn’t have worried too much about seeing them go. We’ve done a lot but it doesn’t seem to be enough in my mind to guarantee another October for Big Papi. We needed to strike and take advantage of this all-time offense and the opportunity we have after a bunch of bad years. But we sat tight and let it pass by. We’ll see if it works. I’m not mad, I’m just…disappointed.

*I wish we had at least gotten Buchholz out of here.

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