Pablo Sandoval Placed On The Disabled List With The “Flu”

The Red Sox just dropped their dumpster fire of a third baseman Pablo Sandoval on the 10-day disabled list with what they are saying is the “flu.” Actually, they are also calling it an “ear infection.” I say that in quotes because I don’t believe for a second that Sandoval is being put on the DL for any other reason than to get him away from the team.

It’s only a matter of time before we get the news that the Sox have designated Sandoval for assignment and officially called it quits on his career in Boston. The writing is on the wall and anyone who is paying any attention knows that this marriage was over a long time ago.

This whole thing has gotten ridiculous and we are past the point of no return. I give it two weeks until he’s gone and the Sox mercifully put an end to one of the worst free agent signings in team, ahem, I mean sports history.

Boston has also optioned reliever Austin Maddox and recalled Deven Marrero and Sam Travis.

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