Padres GM AJ Preller Gets A Slap On The Wrist

AJ Preller of the San Diego Padres was suspended 50 games the other day after the MLB concluded that he hid medical information on Drew Pomeranz when he traded him to the Red Sox. First off, the Pomeranz deal was already bad enough for the Red Sox and now we know this guy tried to pull one over on them for their top pitching prospect. Even if the trade was working out well for the Sox I’d still be saying that the Padres should be forced to give back Espinoza and receive some lower level player. The MLB needs to make this hurt.

Yea sure Preller will probably have trouble trading from now on because other teams won’t trust him. His career will probably go down the tubes and he won’t be able to get another job because what organization wants this guy? But this is his SECOND time being punished by Major League Baseball for a rules violation. And somehow all he got was 50 games at the end of the season when he can’t make significant moves anyway and his team is already out of it. He needs to be either suspended for longer, or have to give up some sort of compensation to the Red Sox (because at this point we’re far enough removed from the deal where Espinoza is not coming back).

It’s on the Red Sox and Dave Dombrowski as well to be demanding some sort of compensation for being cheated. But for some reason DD is all set and totally fine with what went down. I don’t get it and it frustrates me. It reminds me of back when we let Theo go to Chicago and didn’t ask for anything significant in return. Why don’t the Sox want to twist the knife and make it hard on other teams?

Anyway, I hate to be that guy but this is a really weak move by the MLB. If this was the NFL the punishment would have been hastily handed down, not thought out and SEVERE. Oh wait, no nvm. If this was the NFL and it was the Patriots this punishment would have been severe. Any other team and it would have been a wrist slap like this. But dear God if this was Belichick pulling this shit he’d be banned for 5 years, fined 4 million bucks and the Patriots would have to vacate all their wins.

Anyway, AJ Preller is a prick who thought he could game the system and the MLB and the Red Sox are kind of letting him off easy.

*Just to get to it because I can’t hold it in, Pete Carroll got a little “please don’t do that again” punishment from Roger Goodell after his THIRD violation of the same rule. Integrity my ass.

**Didn’t know what Preller looked like until I needed a picture of him and his face screams weasel.

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