President’s Day Weekend Roundup: Booogie, NBA AllStar Weekend, Spring Training, Trade Rumors and Beyond

This was a slightly better weekend than last sports-wise, but I’m still hating it. No joke this might be the worst time of the year with football just ending, baseball not having really started and basketball/hockey just kind of trudging along. We’re getting there though, a few more weeks and we’ll have March Madness.

Boogie- That was a shocker. Boogie got traded after the All Star game when most people had gone to bed. To New Orleans. For nothing. I just did not see that coming (even though Boogie played 2 minutes in the All Star game which was signal city). I didn’t think New Orleans would be buying, let alone buying another dominant big man, but I guess they threw out a ridiculous offer and the Kings stupidly took it. Now the Pels have the best front court in the league with two guys who do different things and can mesh. Besides the fact that they have no one else on their team and are named the Pelicans everything is going great. Just need Coach Cal to take over and start the Kentucky alumni super team. Vlade Divac and the whole Kings front office should be ashamed of themselves. They could have gotten so much more from other teams and they even admitted that. Now that Vivek guy is trying to act like this was a great deal because Buddy Hield is the next Steph Curry. LOL. Anyway, it says quite a bit about what the Celtics thought of Boogie that they didn’t top this offer. After all that time and all those rumors about Cousins and the C’s we find out that they didn’t even want him. I’m guessing Stevens told Ainge he wasn’t putting up with that bullshit and apparently Ainge and IT weren’t as enamored as some thought. But my problem with that is that they still want Jimmy Butler. Jimmy Butler isn’t as bad of a teammate/character guy as Cousins but he’s still by all accounts a diva and an asshole. So going after him, who really doesn’t move the needle as much as many think, and turning away Boogie who is a game-changer, makes no sense. If they want character guys then they better not go for Butler. Also, this totally screws any chance at Anthony Davis becoming available ever as well. Even if it doesn’t work between them and Cousins walks or is dealt later, the Pelicans have built up some goodwill with The Brow. Shit, I’m more upset about that then anything.

NBA All Star Weekend- Wow that was underwhelming. After a brief one year resurgence, the Dunk Contest is dead again. No Zach Lavine, Aaron Gordon fell flat and there are just too many props. There was like two good dunks, both from Glen Robinson III. Also, the Dunk Contest judges need to be tougher. It’s asinine that they give nothing lower than like a 7. When you flat out miss every attempt like Gordon did at one point you need to get zeros across the board. Instead he got a bunch of eights. Wtf? That makes no sense. Also, that Craig Sager tribute was a cool idea but got really cringeworthy when they needed Steph Curry to hit a half court shot on-command and he couldn’t. Great idea, great cause, but plan that one out better next time.

Spring Training- We’re underway in Florida and Arizona with all players now reported for the most part. They are working out and we’re getting storylines about leadership, physique changes both bad and good, contracts, and everything else. The best part of my weekend though was watching Blake Swihart try to throw back to the pitcher. I know I shouldn’t be laughing because he’s going to be a key part of my favorite team but there is something funny about watching a pro athlete do something terribly. Hopefully it goes away soon though because otherwise I’m blaming the Sox for messing with him and moving him to left last year.

Trade Rumors- NBA players have become self aware and are just fucking with us now. Last night Isaiah Thomas hijacked basketball fans Twitter by just tweeting the 👀 emoji. That led to everyone wondering what deal was going down and refreshing Twitter every 2 seconds. Then other guys like Brandon Jennings, Andre Drummond and Jae Crowder chimed in with cryptic messages of their own. I’m gonna be angry if this is a thing now where they all just mess with us. I think IT owes us all an apology, that was cruel to toy with our emotions.

Lakers- First they turn down trades because of Brandon Ingram (wtf) and then they fire Jim Buss and replace him with robo-man/AIDs faker Magic Johnson. Crazy weekend in LA, but hey atleast you know Magic will go after every good player in the league because he has like 100 favorites.

Kyrie Irving- Said the earth was flat like an asshole. Then had guys like Draymond Green and LeBron back him up. Then said “do your research.” I hate this guy for being dumb (and for going to Duke, and for hitting big shots for LeBron).

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