Red Sox Avoid Disaster As David Price Gets Good News On Elbow

There are a lot of things that can strike fear into the hearts of sports fans but I believe that one name does the trick more than most. Anytime you hear the name “Dr. James Andrews” it basically spells doom for whatever player he is being linked to. Dr. Andrews is the most famous doctor in all of sports and works on the all the most high-profile athlete’s injuries. Usually when you hear that a player is going to see him, you can count on that player being seriously injured and maybe even lost for the whole season.

Well, just last week Red Sox fans got quite the scare as David Price had to go get a second opinion on his elbow from Dr. Andrews. The other thing is that an elbow injury for a baseball player is one of the most devastating injuries that can occur. It seems that, barring a miracle, a player experiencing elbow discomfort or pain will need Tommy John surgery. So when it was reported that Price felt elbow pain after throwing a simulated game last week, the fate seemed decided.

Price would have an MRI that was deemed inconclusive, which I felt gave a small glimmer of hope. The team would be extra cautious with him and send him to visit Dr. Andrews at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis. When I heard this, my heart sunk as a fan and also as someone who is rooting hard for Price to have a big bounce back year. The idea of the “three headed monster” with Price, Rick Porcello and Chris Sale seemed to be over before it started. People were already talking about what a loss it was, and how much money Price was getting paid to be a major disappointment. I was beginning to adjust my expectations for the team.

There were still more conflicting reports that would be given throughout Thursday and Friday as everyone waited. Some, like the fact that Price and the team were cautiously optimistic, were encouraging. Most, like the whispers of Price having a partial tear in his elbow, were not. If Price did indeed have a partial tear, he wouldn’t need surgery right away, but he would eventually. At that point, I’d just want him to go under the knife now than have to wait until he eventually blows his arm all the way out.

The longer the process of waiting dragged out, the better I felt. Trust me, I had my guard up because I realized the reality was probably that Price was done for the year and we’d be getting dealt a crushing blow, but something also felt slightly good. I thought that the longer it took, the more thorough and cautious they were being to confirm that he was indeed okay. If he wasn’t, they would know and they would just say it. Anyway, the news came late Friday afternoon that Price was actually okay and would avoid surgery.

I was blown away and it did seem like the first I’ve heard of a player having elbow pain, going to see Dr. Andrews and being okay. It ended up being just what I said was needed, a miracle. Apparently David Price has a “unique elbow” that has somehow healed itself and he just needs to rest for a bit before throwing again. It seems very odd, and I’d still be a bit concerned going forward, but for now it’s a huge sigh of relief as a Red Sox fan.

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