Russell Westbrook Shocks The World

Well, Westbrook shocked the world because he decided to extend his deal in OKC for 3 more years, not because he wanted to stay. I definitely thought Russ, at this stage, wanted to stay at least for the year in OKC and try to show up KD. He’s always struck me as a real competitive dude and I believe he’s very angry about what went down with Durant going to join the team that they almost upset in the playoffs.

I think Russ has always been tougher than not only KD, but a lot of the guys in the NBA today and he is using this as fuel to go out and say “This is my team and my city and I’m not backing down.” He wants to have a season where he can be the leader, run the show and let everyone see what kind of player he is. I respect the hell out of him for staying even though I wish it wasn’t such a long commitment because I wanted him to eventually end up in Boston. It’ll be real interesting to see how the city of OKC embraces Russ for staying, what the team will put around him, and how he/they will perform. I’m gonna be rooting for him.

*All this talk about Westbrook wanting to play in a big market so bad never made much sense to me. Yea the guy likes fashion, but I think he likes basketball more.

**Can’t wait to watch him clown on KD.

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