Russell Wilson Might Be The Least Cool Athlete I’ve Ever Seen

Russell Wilson just came out with a new poster of himself like those ones from the old days when the player would be dressed up as something like a mailman (Karl Malone) or just like a firefighter or something. Those posters were pretty ridiculous but looking back on them they were kinda cool for a kid to have. So I really have no problem if those posters made a comeback and a bunch of players started doing ‘em.

But the absolute last person who should be trying to start this up is Russell Wilson. The guy is a great player who’s fun to watch but he is the dictionary definition of a goober off the field. So for Russ to come out with a poster of himself as an army man, trying to look tough, with the words “armed and dangeruss” is absolutely hilarious/preposterous. In fact, him having his twitter handle as DangeRussWilson is just the worsssst. It literally couldn’t be farther from his actual personality and how he is viewed by most people with a brain.

*Yea it’s for charity but come on, that doesn’t require this ridiculousness. What are the chances this was his idea and the charity group was like “uhh okay Russell, if that’s what you really want to do?”

**The fact that Darren Rovell tweeted this and called it cool says enough about how lame it is.

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