That Was A Bad Look For The Celtics Last Night

A lot went wrong last night in the Celtics loss to the Washington Wizards but the game was embarrassing for reasons that didn’t have a whole lot to do with on court performance. The Celtics and Wizards have been developing a little bit of a “rivalry” (I guess) this season as they had split their first two matchups and had some dustups. Neither team likes each other very much at all and sadly for Celtics fans, the gap in the standing isn’t that large.

Anyway, the Wizards came into last night talking a bunch of shit and announcing how their whole organization would be wearing black to the game for the Celtics “funeral.” This is a classic move for a loser team and the Celtics, rightfully, laughed in their face. The Celtics players knew they were better and frankly just above the petty bullshit so it made Washington look pretty silly. But then the game happened.

The Celtics had a wire to wire loss to the Wizards and basically just didn’t show up. If you’re gonna act like the other team is little brother, you better come to play and beat their ass. They didn’t and they got punked by a team that shouldn’t be even close to on their level. That was the first problem.

The second problem, was just on Celtics guard Marcus Smart. I’ve criticized guys like Grayson Allen and Odell Beckham for losing their shit so I have to stay consistent here. Smart threw a temper tantrum on the bench late in the loss and then may or may not have punched a whole in a wall. We don’t know for sure that it was Smart, but it sure seems like it.

I love the guy’s passion and the fact that he wants to compete but you can’t be disrespecting yourself, your teammates and your coaches like that. It just capped off a frustrating and embarrassing night to be a Celtics fan and although when it comes down to it, it’s just another regular season game, some shortcomings were exposed.

This team needs to find a way to play better defense and be a hell of a lot tougher. They need to stop thinking they can just go out their and win without much effort because it’s just not the case. Hopefully this was a wake up call.

*In other bad Celts news, the team announced their jersey sponsorship for next year. It’s GE which is so lame. Company logos on jerseys are gonna suck regardless but at least make it Dunkin or something.

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