The Celtics Want Andrew Bogut, But I Don’t Think It Matters

So now that Andrew Bogut got traded from the Mavs to the Sixers and then bought out, he’s a key free agent for contending teams to grab. It sounds like the teams he’s looking into are the Cavs, Celtics, Rockets and Spurs. And weirdly enough, it sounds like the Celtics are the leader in that pack after it being previously reported that he’d choose Cleveland.

I hate to say it, but that surprises me. The Celtics might be the worst team out of those four, in my opinion. If Bogut comes here it’s because he wants to start so that he can up his value for a new contract. I really like Bogut and I’d like to see the big Aussie in green, but I think Celtics fans want him a little too much. He isn’t transforming us into a legit title contender. Like I said, this season is shot. We aren’t getting by Cleveland and I’d be shocked if we got by Toronto. It just doesn’t matter if we get him.

If I’m Bogut, I’m going to Cleveland or San Antonio because they are the only two teams with a shot at taking down Golden State. After the way they discarded him this summer, you know he wants some revenge. As much as I don’t like Cleveland, it’d be great to see Bogut go there and help swing the Finals away from the Warriors. Regardless, Celtics fans shouldn’t be acting like this Bogut thing matters much. It just doesn’t.

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