The Monday Night Mush: Week 11 Mexico City Edition

The NFL LOVES to play in other countries for some reason. I mean yea, I guess I’ll tune in partly to see what the stadium and the crowd are like there in Mexico City tonight but why do we need this to keep happening? We have to go to other countries? It’s pretty dumb. There’s talk of how bad the pollution is there and how the NFL has basically advised both teams not to leave their hotel at all because it’s unsafe. Prettyyyy ridiculous. But I guess we have to get it in before Trump builds that wall?

At least they are sending two teams that might have more of a Mexican fanbase than others. They should spice it up and do what the NBA does with the new jerseys and the Mexican team names. Instead of “Los Bulls” it could be “Los Texans.” Idk, it all seems pretty weird and bordering on some PC police finding something to whine about. Maybe the NFL should just stay in it’s lane.

Anyway, tonight we have the Texans and the Raiders which is actually a pretty decent game. Both teams are leading divisons (although I think Oakland is much better) and the watchability score is gonna be pretty good. I guess I’d give it like a 7.

The line tonight has the Raiders -5.5. I guess that feels about right. I like Oakland tonight to run the ball hard and put up decent points but not necessarily have their usual dynamic attack. The Texans defense isn’t all that bad and can probably stifle the Raiders aerial attack pretty well. As for the Houston offense, I’m still not sold but that doesn’t mean much because the Raiders defense isn’t exactly glorious either. I can see Lamar Miller having a big game and the Texans doing just enough to hang around. I don’t think they win, but this game won’t be a blowout. I like the Texans to cover.

The Pick: Texans +5.5

*Does anyone else think it’s weird/interesting that the Texans are better without JJ Watt?

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