The Monday Night Mush: Week 8

Anytime you can put the Chicago Bears in a primetime game you have to do it right? Well, at least the NFL got a night with no World Series to compete with. They won’t be getting the fathers of young children taking their kids out to trick-or-treat but they will certainly be getting all other men who are turning off the lights, closing their shades and slowly torturing themselves with bad football instead of kids in costumes. This game though, WOOF. Even if the Vikings are a pretty good team, they aren’t all that entertaining. This game gets a watchability score of 3 and that’s mostly because there’s little else to do.

Anyway the line is at Bears +4.5 and we’ve got the return of Jay Cutler. Look, full disclosure, I love the Bears and Cutty. I love betting on them and getting absolutely destroyed every time. Part of me thinks Cutler will come out tonight and sling it and upset the Vikings or at the very least keep it close. The Vikings have a great defense but the offense of theirs is pretty sad. The Bears defense can hold them down, which is something I never thought I would say about anyone.

But I mean come on, I gotta have some reality here and that reality is that Jay Cutler is only starting over BRIAN HOYER because the Bears literally have no choice. They want Cutty out of there so bad it’s insane but they don’t have much of an option. And honestly, Jay will come out and throw a pick, fumble the snap twice, throw for 200 yards, 1 TD and keep a blank stare on his face. The Vikings are probably gonna eat him alive. Minnesota is a fake good team in my opinion but the Bears whole team is really, really awful. It’s just not gonna happen for them. I gotta pick the Vikes for my sanity (which will lead to the Bears covering or outright winning right in my face) so I’ll go with it. That’s the pick and hopefully Cutler doesn’t have a career game and smirk into the camera right at me.

The Pick: Vikings -4.5

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